Episode 20: Pokemon Seicho Necrozma

The showdown between Father Kuzon is finally here! Will he succeed and bring back Necrozma? What is behind Father Kuzon’s strange behavior recently? What fate awaits our young trainers? Find all this out and more in the action packed season 2 finale! (After credits scene at the end so listen till the end)

LISTEN HERE: http://pokemonseicho.libsyn.com/episode-20-pokemon-seicho-necrozma

DOWNLOAD HERE : http://traffic.libsyn.com/pokemonseicho/Pokemon_Seicho_Necrozma.mp3

Sound Effects: * Disclaimer * I don’t own nor do I claim to own any of the sound effects used. The Pokemon attack sound effects are from the Pokemon Black & White games which belongs to Nintendo & Game freak. The explosion and the monster growl are both from Zapsplat https://www.zapsplat.com/sound-effect-categories/

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